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With a pool of translators specialized in numerous fields, backed by many years of translation experience, we have a proven track record in translation services in a broad range of fields.
Our services are available in the following fields.

Life sciences

Our translation services in the areas of pharmaceuticals and life sciences, areas that require handling of information on a global basis, are provided by translators and staff specialized in each area, capable of providing services for the latest, state-of-the-art research and development.


Translation of documents, reports, specialist literature, and other materials needed throughout the pharmaceutical development process, from research and development through application and approval; translation related to patents, administration, and medical devices (e.g., manuals)

Basic research

Genomes/proteomes, regenerative medicine, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry, pharmaceuticals (e.g., formulation designing)

Clinical trials

Approval/application stage, post-marketing surveillance, adverse reaction reporting (including drug interactions and dependency)

Medical devices

Therapeutic (internal, surgical, external), diagnostic (external, biochemical, electric/electronic)

Clinical medicine

Cardiovascular medicine (internal medicine, surgery), gastroenterology (internal medicine, surgery), organ transplants, psychology/neurology, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, dentistry, oral surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, other fields (e.g., pediatrics, dermatology, otorhinology, clinical testing), immunology (e.g., AIDS, allergies, vaccines), infectious diseases, cancer

IT Localization and telecommunications

Today in the 21st century, information technology has shifted from the category of special technologies to that of an infrastructure for living, just like water, gas, or electricity. As an early adopter of technologies specific to IT translation, we have earned the support of a large number of IT clients.


Hardware - Maintenance manuals, design specifications

Cables, authentication systems, IC cards, semiconductors (CPUs, memory), peripherals (e.g., hard-disk drives, monitors)

Telecommunications - Users' manuals, administrators' manuals, training materials, marketing materials, maintenance manuals, design specifications

Internet (TCP/IP), intranet (e.g., VPN), remote desktop technologies, networking devices (e.g., routers), switches, mobile devices, terrestrial signal facilities

Business application packages - Product (user interface) localization, online help, users' manuals, administrators' manuals, marketing materials

Enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply-chain management (SCM), human capital management (HCM), business intelligence (BI)

Software - Users' manuals, administrators' manuals, installation manuals, first-step guides

Operating systems (Windows, UNIX), groupware, data migration, backup systems

Languages, markup - Training materials, e-learning, computer-based training (subtitles)

Java, SQL, Visual C++, Visual Basic, HTML, SGML, XML, etc.

Medical devices - Specifications, installation manuals, product (user interface) localization, operation manuals, marketing materials

Computed tomography (CT) equipment, optical-analysis equipment, chemical-analysis equipment

International cooperation

As globalization advances and cultural and economic interaction progresses on a global scale, we have been quick to assist international cooperation together with public agencies and auxiliary organizations. In this field, which requires specialists in a variety of areas including not just the environment, agriculture, and industry but also law, education, and culture, we employ our comprehensive strengths in meeting the needs of the age of globalization.


Training materials (in the areas of agriculture, the environment, law, medicine, nursing, job training, human-resources development, disaster prevention, and rural development), various analytical materials, statistical information, etc.

Today's enterprise faces a variety of compliance needs, including Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and privacy protection. Also, as businesses grow into multinational organizations, language and law have become inextricably intertwined in areas such as the laws of various countries, applications submitted to authorities, and working conditions. We can provide differing grades of translation solutions in accordance with clients' needs, from translation of contracts for in-house use through high-quality legal translations requiring checking by international attorneys.


Application documents, subcontracting agreement, Software License Agreement, Nondisclosure agreement, family-register documents, various certificates, various contracts, regulations, ordinances, etc.

While traditionally English has been the main focus, in recent years there has been an increase in demand for localization services for languages other than English as well, with multilingual projects on the increase.

Environment and Energy

The volume of translation projects we handle in environmental fields also is increasing from year to year. This includes a wide range of projects including environmental white papers, environmental survey reports, and pamphlets on industrial-waste facilities. At the same time, the volume of translation in the field of energy is increasing as well, as the current age has become one characterized by coexistence between the two seemingly contradictory fields of energy and the environment. At the start of this new era, Media Research has secured specialized translators and proofreaders who can handle specialized fields such as ISO 14000, earning the high regard of the United Nations and other international organizations and central authorities.

Areas - Environment

ISO-related documents, industrial waste and recycling, air and water pollution, eco labeling and eco products, wildlife and nature conservation, health and hazardous substances, international environmental cooperation

Areas - Energy

Petrochemicals and refining, nuclear, hydroelectric, and thermoelectric power generation, steel and nonferrous metals, high-pressure and liquefied petroleum gas, mineral resources

Engineering and technology

It is expected that in the future too engineering fields such as the automotive, shipbuilding, and plant production industries will experience substantial growth in translation demand, linked with environmental issues.
Also, nanotechnology, a core technology in creating new industries, is making rapid advances toward practical implementation, and enterprises are taking on nanotechnology actively. We have developed a system capable of providing services in response to the international trend in each country toward tackling nanotechnology as a new core technology.

Areas - Engineering

Large-truck maintenance manuals, plant maintenance manuals, sterilization-equipment assembly manuals, etc.

Areas - Nanotechnology

Nano drug delivery systems (DDS), nano processing and measurement

Areas - Energy

Petrochemicals and refining, nuclear, hydroelectric, and thermoelectric power generation, steel and nonferrous metals, high-pressure and liquefied petroleum gas, mineral resources

Business and public relations

As internationalization of business activities has become an absolute requirement impacting the fate of the enterprise, translation demand is increasing in the fields of business, public relations, and marketing. In these translation fields characterized by severe quality requirements, such as translation of the documents that enterprises distribute to investors, we have provided translation services that deliver client satisfaction. With a team of translators and proofreaders highly familiar with current conditions in each industry as well as translators and proofreaders who are native speakers of each target and source language, we can support your public-relations activities through a flawless system keeping in mind quality, speed, and confidentiality.

Areas - Business documents

Presentation materials, meeting minutes, internal documents, business letters, correspondence, questions and answers, etc.

Areas - Business documents

Presentation materials, meeting minutes, internal documents, business letters, correspondence, questions and answers, etc.

Areas - Public relations and marketing

Investor-relations materials, reports on corporate social responsibility activities, product pamphlets and catalogs, websites, press releases, advertising copy, various documents for agents, etc.

Economics and finance

As the globalization of business activities advances, translation demand in the financial field is increasing. For years we have provided financial translation services that satisfy clients in areas such as translation of the documents that enterprises distribute to investors. Our team of translators and proofreaders highly familiar with the current conditions in each industry, such as banking, insurance, and securities, can assist in preparation of your documents through a flawless system keeping quality, speed, and confidentiality in mind.


Research and reporting documents, Annual reports, Financial statements, Market forecasts and surveys, Financial-instrument (securities) descriptions and research, Market reports on potential locations of overseas facilities, Reports on customer trends, Legal and regulatory documents, Documents submitted in Financial Services Agency inspections, Banking Act documents, Disclosure materials, etc.

Society and culture

As seen in the recent boom in popularity of South Korean popular culture in Japan and the popularity of Japanese animation around the world, bottom-up cultural exchange is thriving at a consumer level around the world. With a team that includes large numbers of professional translators who are native speakers of the languages of Europe, North, Central, and South America, and Asia and are highly familiar with Japanese culture, we provide a flawless system for translation services capable of handling cultural exchange in any direction. For subtitle translation, we also have a pool of numerous translators with industry-standard speech-to-speech translation (SST) skills, capable of handling all aspects of the translation process from preparations through conversion to clients' preferred film and video formats.


Transcripts of lectures, subtitles for dramatic performances, motion pictures, games, translation of newspaper and magazine articles and books

Patents, intellectual property

The translation process is essential to international intellectual-property strategies in the enterprise. The IP field requires accurate translations in a variety of situations, such as handling international patent applications and notices of reasons for rejection and literature surveys on advanced technologies.


Patent specifications and intermediate process documents in areas such as fine chemicals, fibers, and liquid crystal

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